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Don’t DIY Your Plumbing, Hire Toronto Plumbers August 2, 2016

Often times many people will attempt to do-it-yourself when they are faced with problems around the house, this could be as simple as hanging a picture or it could be a much more complicated problem such as replacing a component of their water heater. There have also been a lot of claims made big box home supply stores that you can do just about any project in DIY fashion. While there are many projects that can be done all by yourself, there are also many projects which are best left to Toronto plumbing contractors that are skilled in drain & plumbing repair. Plumbing services are exactly the thing you should let a professional handle.

toronto plumbers working on a sink

The plumbing system in your home or property is an essential component; consider for a moment what it would be like if your water was to shut off for a week. You’d have piles of dirty laundry building up, you wouldn’t be able to make coffee in the morning, and there would be next to no cooking at home. What food you could microwave would leave you with a pile of dirty dishes, and let’s not even start talking about body odours problems. Needless to say, having fully functioning plumbing is incredibly important in our modern day lives.

So we understand the importance of plumbing, that isn’t very difficult to convey, as it is often the reason people are flocking to attempt to DIY repair their plumbing. What we haven’t covered is the reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to take the vast majority of plumbing repairs yourself. Many people think that you just connect a few pipes, and as long as the water is flowing, there are no problems. The reality is far from this fantastical concept. There are strict regulations governing exactly how various aspects of your plumbing is hooked up. Whether it’s your toilet, sink, dishwasher, or refrigerator, there are specific regulations that determine what needs to go where.

Why Regulations Exist

If you think regulations are simply rules implemented by some authoritative legislators in an effort to control people or make money – you’re dead wrong. Regulations in this industry have been put into place in an effort to ensure that people do each job correctly, and in the safest manner possible. If you were to take a novice and tell them to connect a bunch of pipes together, who is to say that the job was done correctly or will last for an extended period of time.

This is why all plumbing technicians are professional trained and licensed. If you do not know with confidence about the task you are taking on, all of the nuances associated with the system you are working on, and all the nuances of the associated plumbing systems, you should leave the work up to a professional Toronto plumbing service technician.

Failure to heed this advice may result in costly water damage, and at worst even personal injury. In nearly every case insurance companies will not approve claims made on accidents related to water damage when the fixtures or system was connected or repaired by unlicensed plumbers, this is why you need to always call experienced Toronto plumbers. Remember this next time you are thinking of a DIY plumbing solution.

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