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Looking For A Toronto Paint Store? August 18, 2016

Choosing a retailer that sells exterior paint in Toronto is  not always an easy task. The first thing you should learn is what you need in an exterior paint. Once you know which paint you need, you can look for the right Toronto paint store that carries your shade. Picking the right paint for the exterior of your home can actually raise the value of your home. The wrong paint, on the other hand, can deteriorate quickly and leave your home exposed to the elements.

home that needs a toronto paint store

Paint Protects Your Home

Exterior paints are different from the paint you would use indoors in a bathroom or living room. They are designed to take the worst in heat and cold, and Toronto is a place that sees both very cold temperatures as well as quite warm temperatures every year. A lower quality paint will not withstand this tremendous difference and will start to bubble, crack, or peel, as well as lose its original colour.

In addition to providing a nice colour for your home, exterior paints serve a practical purpose that must be considered: they can waterproof and protect your home. Keeping this in mind, certain latex paints are useful for this purpose.

Color Variety

You want a store that is focused on providing a wide variety of paints. Usually the great paint stores have lots of color displays so that you can choose the perfect shade for your home. You may also want to consider the finish. There are many varieties of finish, from satin finish to gloss finish, to flat finish. The finish can give extra sealing protection to the paint and allow it to last much longer. This is especially important in painting or staining a wood deck or patio.

When looking for a color for a house, you want to assess the home and take your time to really “see” it.   Applying lighter colours to the house can make it appear to be bigger than it is. Conversely, painting a home in a dark colour can make it seem smaller. Such optical illusions are only one thing to be aware of.

Period Homes

Some homes are of a certain architectural type to which they can be called period types, easily recognized as having a certain “look” and color scheme. Breaking these color expectation barriers can give an old house a very fresh and rejuvenated look. Along with the effects a good paint can give you as we listed above, a coat of really good paint can bring a house just about back from the dead.

So, when choosing a store, what should you choose? Well, go find the paint first, then find the store. Benjamin Moore is a good paint maker, with some solid exterior products. Finding a Toronto paint store that is also a Benjamin Moore retailer usually means you have found a store that carries the highest quality paint. While you grab the paint, make sure to grab a finish as well, to protect the investment and make sure you don’t have to do it again.

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